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Infotel 2000

is a leading distributor of a large number of quality and world-famous products in the field of accessories for mobile devices, smart devices and digital TVs, home and office goods.

The company has its own sales and merchandising department entirely dedicated to entice sales and present by the best way possible our goods which cover the entire country.

The base of our organization is a confident, energetic and motivated team that achieves results in an environment close to the family that we strive to create for him.

The respect and support the people who work responsibly, loyally and honestly is key to our success. Our long-term vision for success also focuses on our customers and partners with effective management and transfer of experience.

Currently Infotel 2000 Ltd. distributes its products in over 1500 end points of sale to over 1000 end customers.

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end points of sale

Our main value is that our customers receive personal attention and assistance tailored to their requirements – regardless of the segment in which they fall.

To make sure that we are as accessible as possible and to reach every end customer – we have developed our own online store, which in addition to presenting our portfolio – contains more information for everyone who needs help and advice regarding our products – via direct contact with one of the members of our team.

We successfully partner with the largest retail chains in Bulgaria, in various channels - as well as with business partners such as small and medium-sized businesses, independent retailers and various companies.

The goal of Infotel 2000 Ltd. is to offer its partners a sustainable business with quality products and professional management in distribution. For our end customers we strive to offer solutions that meet every need in different categories - mobile phones, mobile accessories, home goods, lighting and food products.

That is why, as a choice, Infotel 2000 best meets the needs of its business partners, with the optimal combination of offering products, services, flexibility and expertise.

Part of Infotel 200 is also Z-Light.

Z-Light is a company specializing in the trade of lighting products and is an official partner of the Zumtobel Group for the territory of Bulgaria.

The company has a highly qualified team of specialists with many years of experience in the field of lighting and is developing in the following main areas:

  • Import and sale of lighting fixtures and solutions;
  • Lighting design, measurements, audits and complete engineering to reduce energy consumption;
  • Lighting calculations and technical-economic (ROI) analyzes and consulting;
  • Opportunity to finance energy efficient lighting projects

We value quality

We provide our customers with a full range of quality mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, smart devices and digital TVs, which are the first on the market and are always delivered on time. We successfully develop different product categories and different brands in all consumer segments.

Guaranteed availability

We maintain constant stocks, which can be at your disposal for up to 2 working days, which will help in planning your stock and will give you the peace of mind that you can always count on quantities of each product.

Team of experts

With our team of professionals, we offer complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales, services, marketing and brand management for the entire range of our portfolio. All business decisions and actions of the management are fully consistent with the vision, mission, principles and values of the company.

Safe enviorment

We strive to create a safe work environment for our employees that allows them to reach their full potential.


We try to keep up with all the news and trends of the market and our customers.

Meet the team of Infotel 2000

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